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Academic Counseling

introduce the study plan and its dimensions

Academic Advising

The university guidance is the foundation on which the credit hours system depends. It is not only in its functions to introduce the study plan and its dimensions, but also to strengthen the relationship between students and faculty members to achieve the objectives of the educational process and education. The academic guidance process is one of the most important pillars of the credit hours system. The main objective of the academic guidance process is to guide the student in choosing the appropriate courses according to the approved academic plan to obtain the degree of excellence and help him to overcome the obstacles encountered during his university life. And to advise on matters that affect the course of his education and therefore the guide should study the study plan and governing laws, which is the basis for the knowledge of the policies applied

The guidance process is carried out in two stages:

General guidance:

The definition of university systems as a whole, especially about the system of credit hours and the academic system and the general requirements of the university and the requirements of the college. The student also knows the university facilities such as laboratories, libraries, and others.

Specialized Academic Counseling:

The academic guidance aims to follow up and guide the student during his / her academic life. Within this scope, the students choose their academic mentors. Each student has his / her academic advisor in his / her field, Follow up and supervise the student's study plan

This choice is made for old students during the week before the start of the first semester. For new students, the first month of the first semester should be completed in both stages.

The student's relationship with his academic advisor is based on honesty and mutual respect. This relationship aims to achieve the moral support and guidance required of the student and on the other hand to achieve the mission of the university and its goals in building a conscious and educated human being capable of contributing to the building of society

Academic Advisor:

The academic advisor is a faculty member who is a mentor for a group of students who study in his / her college during their academic year. His role is as follows:

* The academic advisor represents the link between the student and his / her academic department, and provides the University administration with a picture of the student's life, and adopts the issues that may be encountered during his / her academic career.

*  The academic advisor periodically review the student's plan and guide him to the courses that he can register for any semester, within the laws of the college and the academic plan

*  Students participate in the special problems and academic difficulties that they face during their university studies and seeks to find solutions that fit and suit the university systems.

* Works to support the student morally and guide him to increase his scientific skills in light of his Possibilities and capabilities.

 Develop a study plan for the student commensurate with its potential.*

Keep track of the progress of the student according to this study plan. *